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It is a meeting place where the voices of the voiceless are heard, instilling hope in those sleeping outside on the streets. Steph Johnson and Nina Deering, talented jazz musicians, founded this choir in San Diego. I first heard this choir at a KPBS TV event. I was so taken by them and asked if I could come to their practice. I made friends with everyone after the first practice. I left seeing the homeless differently! When I watch them sing through my lens I witness something transformational happening. The members tell me they feel connected, uplifted and empowered by this experience.

No one should be living on the streets. San Diego is #4 in the US with this problem. Homelessness is detrimental to our communities, disempowers those experiencing it and affects the quality of our city life and accessibility to public space. The homeless are marginalized from our society and the cycle of poverty is perpetuated. Without an address, they cannot find a job. Without a job they cannot make money to pay rent.

Photography gives me an opportunity to meet others through its power which I hope to share with you.

As a humanitarian organization, Voices of Our City Choir strives to provide a safe-haven for the homeless and all who desire to be of service. It is united in an understanding of the disruption, frustration and despair of Homelessness. It is committed to effect political and social change, and to empower every person to realize their true value in society.



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