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“Feeling” The Mississippi Delta

The Magnolia State continues to leave its imprint on America, first by playing a pivotal role in the Civil War and later serving as the setting for some of the landmark events in the struggle for Civil Rights.

Mississippi is regarded as a unique and rich intersection of history, architecture, commerce, culture, and the arts. Rich in soil, music and culture, the Mississippi Delta is one of those unique regions that has come to hold a special place in the American imagination. But in terms of economic mobility and poverty, this stretch of land is far behind anywhere else in the developed world.

I just spent a few weeks traveling through the backroads of the Mississippi Delta. I’d never been in this part of the US with my camera before. I expected to find poverty, both in the black and white communities, but I was surprised to see so much despair: the lack of unemployment (70%), the lack of school funding, the lack of decent health care, and the lack of hope for a better future!

I could not stop thinking – IS THIS THE U.S.?

All the people I spoke to were open and engaging and deserving of a better life. Their faces were full of waiting and frustration.

When will change come? What can we do to make lives better for so many in the US?

I left the Delta haunted by all I witnessed.

Man hugging dog
Tattooed man with woman near by
Rotting windows with tattered curtains
Youth lounging on overstuffed sofa on porch
Youth holding young child
Store front reads Club Remix Hip Hop R & B Blues
Three young black men sitting on sidewalk
Elderly person sitting at table with loaf of bread
Three young white men sitting on various items
Two people examining dog's ear


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