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Lensculture Critics Choice Awards for 2023

Honored to be in the company of all these talented photographers. Today Lensculture Critics Choice Awards for 2023 announced the winners for 2023.

"We are quite honored to present the 48 photographers and artists who have been selected to win the LensCulture Critics’ Choice Awards for 2023.

The Critics’ Choice Awards are like no other photography awards. This competition is open to photographers of all ages, and all levels of experience, from cultures all over the world. There are no themes, no limitations on genre, no restrictive guidelines. So, as a result, we receive work that represents a wide range of creative approaches that shows how people everywhere in the world are using photography to express themselves, to tell stories, to capture beauty, to document events, to make art, to connect with each other.

For Critics’ Choice, each of the 20 internationally respected experts on this year’s panel is asked to select 3 personal favorites to win an award. And for each selection, we ask the experts to write a short statement explaining why this work captured their attention enough to reward it with a Critics’ Choice Award.

This year’s winners are especially interesting, and we encourage you to take the time to dig deep into each of these 48 award-winning projects."

I am very honored. Sending a sincere thank you to the judges who selected my work. Feeling very special this morning. Such a thrill.

Michele Zousmer


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