Making the Invisible Visible

I’ve been working with Welcome Home Ministries, which provides supportive services to incarcerated women at Las Colinas Detention Facility.

This organization has implemented a-one-of-a-kind program. It is a peer-mentored, therapeutic community model, held in a dedicated dorm within Las Colinas. The FAIR (Future Achievers in Re-Entry) housing unit was designed to implement instruction, education, encouragement and direction BEFORE the women are released from custody. This program has resulted in an extremely low rate of recidivism. Re-entry programs should be mandated in all prisons!

Rev. Carmen Warner-Robbins has been the Welcome Home Ministries Chaplain for many years and believes strongly that these “invisible women” are deserving of compassion, support and hope.

This is why I am calling my project “Making the Invisible Visible”. These women seek recovery and want desperately to re-enter society, and rejoin their families and to become visible within their communities.

My time with the women in Las Colinas and those already transitioning in society has changed my perception of the female convict. I am amazed at how Welcome Home Ministries and the FAIR dorm has transformed so many of these women’s lives. I hope to help change your perception of these women, too!

The soulful intimacy of my photos comes from spending time in my subjects world and capturing their essence. The permission they grant me, the openness they offer me by inviting me into their world, never ceases to inspire me.


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