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“Children of the Coffee” inspires documentary by Gray Frederickson

This summer, FAR OUT KIDS and iconic fashion designers will join up with Roma Boots’ Samuel Bistrian to deliver rubber boots and clean water systems to the indigenous Ngäbe people of Central America. All is part of a documentary entitled “Children of the Coffee” produced by Academy and Emmy Award winning producer Gray Frederickson. The documentary is inspired by an article in Fem World Magazine by the incredible photo journalist Michele Zousmer. This same article introduced us to the children of the Ngäbe, and to their guardian angel of 30 years, Dr. Pablo Ortiz. Source: Traveling Star Productions. Click here to read more of this article.

I do believe the lives of these Ngäbe children will be altered through this documentary. When others become aware of their situation and change is made the cycle of poverty can be broken. This work will help these people to be heard, accepted and feel worthy of love and respect.

My previous posts about the Children of the Coffee are here:

Also, CGM Holding UG (Germany) will be using my “Children of the Coffee” photos. They hope to reform the coffee tax in their country by placing a seal on coffee that does not use child labor.

I am honored and I am very excited about all this work. What I really hope is that other issues I am passionate about also get heard!


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