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Denver here we come!

'SOUNDS OF THE SIDEWALK, A JOURNEY OF GOODBYE' was accepted in the DocWest Film Festival.

DocuWest Film Festival - "We have issues." Looks to explore the world of our people, our politics, our societies, our history and ourselves through the lens of filmmakers from around the globe. We embrace the idea that cinematic truth revealed in a non-narrative manner can allow the filmmaker to make choices that presents life either surreptitiously or purposely based on the choices they make.

DocuWest’s objective is to present audiences with the stories that are not only astonishing and jarring, but awe-inspiring, and thought provoking enough to enable more dialogue and discourse to take place over the people, events or subjects presented in each film. It is our goal to see the DocuWest Film Festival become the premier documentary film festival in the West.

Thank you again to everyone who helped me on this film. It amazes me that so many people have been moved by this film It demonstrates how we must follow our hearts and our instincts. My time with Steven was not always easy. I cherish every moment with him. He is the true teacher to so many, myself included.


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