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My New Book ‘Sounds from the Sidewalk’

I am very PROUD to announce that my first book is in print. ‘Sounds from the Sidewalk’ is a tribute to a homeless choir – Voices Of Our City Choir – that I have been documenting for close to 4 years and the homeless epidemic all around us. They are an amazing group of unsheltered neighbors here in San Diego that have changed their lives through the healing power of song. ‘Sounds from the Sidewalk ‘is the name of a song written by choir member Steven Ried, in collaboration with other choir members. This is the song they sang when they won the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent in March. The second round of auditions is in August. They are on a great path. Steven Ried passed away on March 9th. Per his request, I documented the last 12 weeks of his life because Voices Of Our City Choir became his family and he felt surrounded by love when he passed. My short film is coming out shortly. So many lives have been changed through this organization including mine.

Special thanks to Jeremy Woodhouse for helping me with this! Please contact me at if you are interested in a copy.

Michele zousmer sounds from the sidewalk book cover 08.20


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