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Abandoned Elderly Series to be featured in an exhibit entitled 'TRACES.'

Today I was informed that 2 of my images will be included in a beautiful thought-provoking exhibit entitled 'TRACES.' Curated by Jeff Curto, PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont.

All photographs are about the past. Every photographically-based image ever made has recorded something that no longer exists, but carries with it the 'traces' of what once was.

In almost all of the photographs chosen, there is evidence of human presence. Many entries depicted the ravages of the passage of time in places that have been abandoned or neglected. Other images recorded deeply personal objects that were once loved and are now discarded. Still, others showed us the left-behind trace of a touch, a breath, a gesture or a plan that may or may not have been realized.

I am honored to have 2 of my images from my Abandoned Elderly series selected.

Thank you Jeff Curto!


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