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Voices of Our City Choir

VOICES OF OUR CITY CHOIR is a testament to the healing power of music. It is a meeting place where the voices of the voiceless are heard, instilling hope in those sleeping outside on the streets. This choir was founded by Steph Johnson and Nina Deerling, talented jazz musicians here in San Diego.

I first heard this choir at a KPBS TV event. I was so taken by them and asked if I could come to their practice. I have been documenting them for over 6 weeks. They get together every Friday at 11 am at Living Water Church of the Nazarene and sing their hearts out under the guidance of Nina and Steph.

The choir has made this a priority in their lives and are getting busier every week performing all over the city. The members tell me they feel connected, uplifted and empowered by this experience. Trust me, you will look at the homeless differently after hearing them sing.

Music and creative arts have such healing powers. When I look through my lens I see something transformational happening. I hope you have an opportunity to hear them someday. Photography gives us an opportunity to meet others through its power. We can all share the heart connection, caring about others. My images are as much about seeing inside myself as it is looking into the world! It is a means for universal connection.

Voices of Our City Choir is a humanitarian organization who first strives to provide a safe-haven for the homeless and all who desire to be of service. It is united in an understanding of the disruption, frustration and despair of homelessness. It is committed to effect political and social change, and to empower every person to realize their true value in society.

Overview of choir
Woman singing
Women singing
Choir members singing
Choir members laughing
Choir members rehearsing
Two singers
Male singer
Choir member
Female singer
Woman singing


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